It is not intended that anyone dies young. We are meant to live long so that we can get our job done satisfactorily on the earth. Even the scriptures suggest this to us through King David, who said, “I will not die, but live.” (Psalms 118:17). You may be “chastened sore,” as he said, but it is not for your soul to end up in the grave. 

I met a very nice young lady a week or so ago who was going through a torrid time, and she said to me, as sincere as it gets, “Sir, I don’t even know what scriptures to use for what I am going through.”

I felt so touched as I knew that she really wanted direction, which only comes from God’s Word. You see, it is a waste to confess the above without a solid justification from God’s Word.

Please let me say that the scriptures have a solution for every situation we face, or will at least give us assurance that we are not by ourselves. But we need to find and brood on the Word for maximum effect. Now, even though we can still find them when the battle is on, it is much easier to have the weapon of the Word of God ready before the day of adversity shows up.

One area of my life I pay great attention to is the study of God’s Word. It has a special place in my life. I wrote on the 17th of August, 2017, a few reasons why nothing can cut me short in my prime, and I feel led to share some today. 
It was all a discovery from private study, but it solidifies my confidence that I will live a long and prosperous life, no matter what goes on around me. Remember, a thousand may fall on your side, and tens of thousands on your right; but you shall be exempt.

Only God has autonomy on issues of death (Psalms 68:20). The devil has no control or there would be no one left here. And God (who has control) wants you to have life abundantly (John 10:10).

Here are four of my revelations. They will help you. Just use them to pray and study:

• If those in the grave cannot celebrate Him and praise remains the only thing He cannot do for Himself, then He has to keep me alive from the shadows of death, as I am an addicted worshipper and God praiser. (Isaiah 38:18-20/Psalms 107:10 & 14).

• As long as I make it a point of duty to keep God’s eye on me, every appointment with death (known or unknown, lawful or unlawful) shall be cancelled, for He frees those who are appointed to die or held captive by death. Anything that cannot weaken my strength cannot kill me. Maintain joy, as it is God’s strength. (Psalm 102:19-21/Isaiah 28:18).

• I chose and made a commitment to give God thanks for each one of His interventions in my life–no matter how big or small. So, He will continually save my soul from death, as I would be unable to thank Him or boast of Him if I were in the grave. (Psalms 6:5/ Jeremiah 13:15-16/ Psalms 118:17-18).

• I chose and made the commitment to give attention to the incorruptible Word of God and to declare it by faith so that when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He will be right there with me, as His Word commits to His presence. (Psalms 23:4/ Jeremiah 21:8/ Isaiah 9:2/  Job 12:22/ 1 Corinthians 15:54-57 / Proverbs 18:20-22).

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