The Lord woke me at 3:48 A.M. and I went downstairs to meet Him, and after my worship and praying in the Holy Spirit, I studied Romans 11. I had not gone far when He said these words to me, UNTIL IT IS WELL WITH THE CHURCH, IT CANNOT BE WELL WITH THE WORLD.” It doesn’t matter how people feel about this; they cannot do anything against the truth. 

It may be good to state here that I don’t have a church nor do I intend to start one, but I am one of those few that God still speaks to with clarity. The prevalent unbelief, falling, diminishing state and seeming lack of coordination within the church make it look like the dying world is gaining an edge. Rubbish.

The world will always need the church. The world is better off with the church operating in her fullness and wellness. It is more profitable for the world that the body of Christ is in her element, or the world will suffer. 

For those who think the world is doing far better without the church, stop the ignorance. Ask God for understanding. It may look like that right now, but I tell you the truth in God, they are worse off. 

Even the Apostle of the Gentiles conceded that when the body of Christ is in its full glory, it is life from the dead for the Gentiles (Romans 11:15). Stop talking against the church, especially if you are part of it.

God will not cast away His people (Romans 11:1). They may fall away due to unbelief, but He will graft the church back again. 

The world cannot replace the agenda of the body of Christ, it can only be a part of it for its benefit. The time for the salvation of the church of Christ is at hand. Ungodliness within her borders will soon be a thing of the past. The Lord will open your understanding, as this is a mystery that must soon come to pass (Romans 11:25).

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