Discover Andrew

Meet Olusola Andrew Omole, or simply Andrew as he’s fondly known by most people. As the creator of this website, Andrew has a desire to use it as a forum to help you discover your true worth and achieve significance in life while living a fulfilling life.

This platform is a combination of business-oriented insights, relationship and family nuggets as well as spiritual instructions designed to help people everywhere live a significant and fulfilling life.

But just who is Andrew ?

Born in Newcastle in the northeast of England, Andrew is a man of many hats. For starters, he is the Chairman of The Liberality Foundation (The Olusola and Folake Omole Charitable Trust), an organisation set up to alleviate the suffering of humanity. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of WMB Childcare Ltd, a company commissioned to lay a solid foundation for future UK leaders in their early years.

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur, a straight talking mentor and an empathetic counsellor. He is also a life coach and trainer. He has been adopted into the Zig Ziglar family and is certified as a Zig Ziglar Legacy Trainer with a mandate to propagate Zig Ziglar’s message of hope.

Andrew’s foray into property led him to set up Levite Home Inspections Ltd and has interests in residential and commercial properties. He worked in the Manchester City Council for a number years where he was actively involved in planning and implementing the Intensive Neighbourhood Management (INM) programme, an initiative aimed at proactively anticipating the needs of the community and proffering balanced solutions using variety of approaches.

So how did he get here? Andrew first became interested and involved in leadership and management as a young man in high school. His father owned an expansive plantation and it was Andrew’s responsibility to ensure that processes over there ran seamlessly, especially harvesting, storage, packaging and transportation of produce. Another key responsibility that fell on him was keeping the workers’ register. It was here that he cut his teeth in administration, management and leadership. It was by no means an easy task but it fired up his desire to see others excel in their own areas of work through adequate support and guidance. It was also the start of his entrepreneurial journey.

Today, the young man who earned just £4.50 an hour in 2002 working in a retail store within a petrol station leads a workforce of over 85 that heavily relies on his visionary and altruistic leadership to realize its full potential. Andrew believes that people are daily discovering themselves and your job as a leader is to support them on this journey of discovery as you give them the room to thrive and flourish.

A learning advocate

Andrew is an advocate for both formal and informal learning. Andrew holds a Master’s degree in Leadership & Management from Newcastle Business School (Northumbria University). He believes in continuous professional and personal development and has done several Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses in Programme and Project Management, Business Change Management as well as GIS and Social Data Management from Cranfield University. He has a Bachelor’s honours degree in Agricultural Technology.

He has a Master’s Level Advanced Manager Training in Working with the Third Sector.

Andrew is married to an ever smiling and adorable Folake, with whom he has two well behaved and excellent children.