As I studied the Word of God early this morning, it was very apparent that Jesus foresaw the impending danger of His disciples losing sight of who they were and selling themselves off when the going got tough. This is the sad story of compromise we see today–day in, day out.

Many people have sold out in a bid to make headway in life, and this cuts across all spheres of our society. Parents have sold out on their home and children, wives/husbands have sold out on each other, politicians have sold off their conscience to the devil for political influence, pastors have sold out to money and greed, businesses are cutting all manner of corners and faking it to make it, young people and teenagers have given in to the lure of easy money. The list is endless.

It is a sad state of affairs. I was wondering yesterday as I drove home, how Britain and many nations of the world have become so godless in such a short space of time.

Many have lost their dignity, integrity, sense of good judgement, children, homes, businesses, etc. to the lure of worldly gains as they have lost sight of their real self and eternal purpose. Jesus was very emphatic when He said, “What does it profit you if you gain all here and lose your soul.” What does it profit you if you seemingly “make it” here but end up paying the great price?

Want the opportunity for another great day to reflect on? I pray that as you go through this week you will be empowered to do a thorough examination of your own self and reflect to refocus. It has to start with one person at a time. #soulsale

Have a blessed week.

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