A great discovery that is hidden helps no one. Sharing your treasured discovery that can help humanity is not pride, it is selflessness. Don’t hide your discovery, but rather use it to better humanity and your generation. 
Hiding what you have found so that others don’t put it to better use than you is ignorance. When valuable discoveries are shared, it provides a pathway and a platform for the upcoming generation. One of the hallmarks of great leaders and legends is their ability to share lavishly what they know with others.

The world is waiting on what you have discovered. God enlightens you for the benefit of your generation. You may not feel adequate at first, but take a step of faith and release what He placed in you for others. No sane person lights a candle to give light to their household and keeps the candle under a bowl whilst the family struggles in darkness.

Many in your generation are waiting for your discovery. Homes are shattered because you refuse to release the great insight you have on how to have a successful marriage. Teenagers are losing their destinies and many more are taken by knife crimes because you have hidden what you have been given to enlighten them. Many businesses are dead and buried because you refuse to share that business insight that will put them on the road to recovery and profit.

Remember, we will all give an account. The more people you help to become significant, the greater good you have done to a generation. Light up your world with your discovery and change the course of history for this generation and the next. #discovery #generationnext

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