As our nation (the UK) searches for answers in the wake of the sad passing of Caroline Flack, I personally think it is time to speak to the nation. The confused & suicidal thoughts of the rich and famous celebrities and the many deaths of young and vibrant youths from knife crime have led me to recommend that we try another path, one different from all the political correctness we see day in and day out.

I must say, looking at events over the last few months, it is clear that most people are looking for answers and have a void to fill. There are many confused minds out there, and it is very evident that fame, wealth and position are not the answer. I am also convinced that money does not fill the deep void of the mind, neither does it answer the question of purpose (WHY).

Since the year 2020 began, it has been impressed upon in my spirit to pray and to be a little more vocal in my convictions on the state of the nation. I have always known I wasn’t brought back to the United Kingdom for comfort, but my homecoming is by design.

Two Saturdays ago, we were spending time in the scriptures as a family and the Spirit of God took over in a dimension that was strange and which I haven’t experienced in a while. I started to pray with fervency and in the Spirit, and the direction of my prayers was a strange one. I started to note them down. 
I have now listed them below. This time, my prayers are “for” and not “against.” They were not preconceived, but they came from the bowels of God’s love in me for this nation and for my brothers and sisters who live in it.

I am crying out and shouting out loud right now, “What the people of this country are looking for is not more celebrities, not more reality TV shows, not more fake news, not political correctness, etc. People are looking for deep answers to their bugging questions. How long are we going to play this game, especially at the highest level of government?”

The answer is deeply rooted in a genuine relationship with the Lord. I know this sounds cliché, however, I am wealthy to some extent (at least I can afford most of the things I want at my level) and I have observed that wealth (and all its associated paraphernalia) does not provide answers to the deepest human questions.

What does provide answers is a personal relationship with God and His Son Jesus. Money will never answer the issue of your sexuality. It will never answer the questions posed by the bitterness of the breakdown of a household or the sudden crash of a celebrity with all its negative impacts, or the pain of separated parents, the internal hurt of a rape victim or the loss of a loved one to knife crime, etc.

The other side of it is, rising to fame all of a sudden without adequate preparation for the pressure it brings can take a toll. I am concerned that we will destroy all of the rising talent in this country as the life they are exposed to is all lies, and when push comes to shove, they can’t withstand the pressure that comes with it.

This nation does not allow any Christian-related programmes on TV, save “songs of praise.” But it will give room to all sorts of programmes that will not teach any moral, spiritual or real social values to our upcoming generation. This nation was built on the Christian faith, and it was what saved it during the war times. I am convinced we will get there, but something has to change–and quickly so. 
I know many will say the Christian faith and so many of the things we have been fed have been bastardised, including the things we air. But can we at least give God a chance and let the nation make its choice?

We are living in hypocrisy, blaming everyone else but ourselves. But everyone is contributing to the deaths of young people through knife crime, through social media, through fake news, through reality TV, etc.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise (nation).

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