I am more convinced than ever that what makes people successful in life is what they see that is veiled to others. Anyone who has ever met me or who is close to me can attest that the one key thing I will leave with you is the importance of paying attention to the Word of God  in this new decade. Devout yourself to prayer and to reading and studying the Word (1 Timothy 4:13).
The Word will enable you to avoid all confusion and fly high when all the nations are confused and scared. It is a persuasion and burden I carry more deeply in this new decade.

What of prayer? you may ask. Prayer flows seamlessly from your spirit and is declared by your mouth when the Word of God catches fire in your heart. I’ve noticed that, for myself, prayer flows and is not tasking. 

There is nothing that propels a man/woman forward so much as what he/she sees in the realm of the unseen! It causes an unimaginable flight. Your outplay or display in life is initiated from the unseen.

 So I encourage you today, as recorded in 2 Timothy 2:15, “Work hard so God can say to you, ‘Well done.’ Be a good workman, one who does not need to be ashamed when God examines your work. Know what his Word says and means.” Your approval rating with God soars when you spend time in the Word aided by the Holy Spirit.

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