Every year has been well-planned out before it started! God has designed and planned each year in a way that is favourable to us. His plans and thoughts towards you and I every passing year are those of peace and wellbeing (Jeremiah 29:11). 

Disasters or misfiring are not part of the Lord’s plan for you because He is very mindful of you (Psalms 8:4). However, necessity is laid on us to work out His plans and to take appropriate steps and uphold our responsibilities.

Many Christians have the mindset that once they have prayed, everything will just fall into place. That’s not totally correct. Prayer empowers you to lay hold of what God has in store and to annihilate all the opposition on your way. There are steps you must take and things you must do in 2020 to ensure it all comes together to work for your good.

In my little God-given wisdom and divine enlightenment, coupled with pick ups from my mentors, I have put together a helpful guide that I use year after year. It has helped produce some of the small results we are seeing in the church. The first five are spiritual and the last two are physical. I have added a bonus point at the end, which I really love.

  1. First, no guesswork. Be sure you understand what God’s agenda for you is this year. It has to be according to His plans and purposes, not yours. Yours must line up with His. Find out the purpose or you will beat the air all year long. This is the key to shedding unnecessary activities and wasteful efforts (Romans 8:28).
  2. Envision what you have been shown regarding each year; it is always as far as your eyes 👀 can see. As I have put it in one of my past writings, it is being there before you get there. You must take that journey in the eye 👁 of your spirit before you can embark on it in the physical realm (Genesis 37:5, 9).
  3. Document what you see with simplicity, for clarity’s sake. Write the vision down, but make it plain. Put it into bullet points first then flesh it out as God gives you more details (Rev. 1:11/ Habakkuk 2:2).
  4. Make a demand for it in prayer. It will never fall on your lap. Don’t be lazy in praying. Make a decree and make a demand. It is said that “YOU shall decree a thing and it will be established unto you.” The thing you desire, the Bible says, you should pray for it and you will have it (Mark 11:24).
  5. You must have faith in the Lord that it will come to pass, regardless of the hurdles you need to cross. Believe! Don’t give up cheaply. This is why conviction is so vital and the vision will enhance your conviction. Your empowerment for prosperity resides in your capacity to believe. “For blessed is he/she that believes….” (Luke 1:45).
  6. Sniff out and seize the opportunities and open doors that align with God’s purpose for you in 2020 as they present themselves. This is key for me. The ability to anticipate and grab opportunities is a virtue many successful people have. There is always a door of opportunity that is open somewhere so you may be of service or present a product. There may be adversaries, but when God goes with you to the door, the adversaries will give way. There is a great and effectual door that opens (1 Cor. 16:9).

Pursuit is a necessity. Pursue your vision with all your might. When you see an open door that lines up with where you are going, burst into a RUN. Make haste; don’t delay. There are other people looking at that same door. Don’t pray and just wait; you will waste the opportunity. You will know it deep within when you come across that door as it will bring a sense of urgency (1 Sam. 20:36-38/ Habakkuk 2:2)

And some extra juice for the 7 steps above:

😎 Declare its actualisation on the rooftop. Don’t be afraid to declare it. It is a sign that you know it is done. No one can stop what God has in store for you. The Lord said in Isaiah 43:13b, “I act, and who can revoke or reverse it?” 

I know that there is a school of thought that believes if you say aloud what God has proposed to do in your life, the devil and his agents will stop it. That is a lie! Read the scriptures above. God will root out every opposition of hell on the path of His agenda (Job 15:17).

This year will bring with it great advancement for you, your church and your family. Stay blessed.

Romans 8:28 – “And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.”

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