#LeadershipSustainability THROUGH DELEGATION


Delegation entials sharing the leadership burden with others and will increase the level of trust and competence within your team. It is not only beneficial to the leader, but it also prevents followers from being worn out or bored. 
However, I see a lot of leaders failing to delegate for many reasons and it ends up stifling the growth of their business. This may be because they want to be seen to be at the forefront. They lack trust in the people they are leading or are simply just ignorant of the power of delegation.

Moses was in the last category, as seen in Exodus 18:15-25. Moses would have died long before his time due to fatigue and stress but for his father-in-law.

I am sure God would have replaced him with someone else to carry on his task. In this coming year, make plans for delegation and follow the tips below: 

  • You are not better than those you are leading or working with. 
  • Recruit and select God-fearing individuals from the group, teach them what they need to know, delegate responsibilities to them for application and clarify what they need to do.

The sustainability of your assignment is embedded in adequate delegation & trust. Read Exodus 18:15-25

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