Leadership is not lording over and flaunting by virtue of positional placement, whether in the secular world or in the church. Leadership in any sector isn’t for dominance. It should also not be focused on what people can do for you but what you can invest in people.

Leadership should be focused on working in partnership with the followers towards their independence (as they grow and develop), resulting in a life that is significant. This may sometimes mean they leave you and start their own organisation or pursue their own interests. That should be the joy of every genuine leader.

I see many leaders who get angry when people leave. You should rejoice. You have done society or God’s kingdom a great justice. You have produced another giant. They may hurt you in the process of transitioning, but please move on. It is the cost and burden of leadership.

We did an anonymous survey of our employees recently to see how we were doing. The results were quite revealing. As much as we felt we were doing a lot for our employees, there were still some of them that felt we could be more to them. We responded by making further plans for improvements. That is why it is called the SHIP OF THE LEADER.

Steer the boat in a way that will rock your employees or followers gently. Don’t use spiritual authority or your company position to abuse people. Make them better people than when they first came to you. 

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