It is not ‘WHAT’ you want that bothers heaven, it is ‘WHY’ you want, what you want. God is not running around heaven, feeling really worried about how to meet your physical or spiritual need, but He is more concerned about WHY you need it.

Many of our supplication and petitions are because we want to prove a point. We want to show others that we too can have what they have. We want to buy the house because someone close to us just got one. We want to be anointed so people can be slain under the power of the anointing. We want the child so we can prove a point to our in-laws and the list goes on. We want the business, so we can go on expensive holidays like others.

In as much as those reasons are valid to us, they are not enough qualifiers for heaven to answer our prayers. And hence many prayer in churches worldwide are still hanging even though it has been a prayer point for many years. They are all ego boosting reasons which holds no water in heaven.

Before you pray for a need ask yourself why you want your needs met. Also, review if it is all directed towards your selfish interest. If so, it may take a long while still before you see an answer. Alternatively, you can force it to happen your own way and live with the burden for a lifetime.

Have a great day.

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