#WorkplaceWisdom : HOW NOT TO GET FIRED!


Where you are privileged by God to work, (whether you are religious or not) is not your play-space or pray-place. There is a time for everything under the sun. Don’t use the guise of Christianity or any other religion to do the right thing at the wrong time. There is a time to work diligently, a time to pray fervently and a time to play hard. 

An understanding of the place of each of your coworkers will help you remain relevant for a long time at work or in your business. Leave an imprint on your workplace. Let your impact be felt.

If you are fired for laziness or a lackluster performance, it has nothing to do with God or the devil. It is because you refused to behave wisely. When God worked He worked hard, so I am unsure where our lazy mentality could emanate from.

Work smart but hard to avoid being fired or losing your business to competitors. Pray fervently to keep all things working for your good, including your detractors. Have fun and rest well so you can continue to live to enjoy the works of your hand. You will make it if you do so. #workplacewisdom #bediligent 

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