I couldn’t understand for a long time why Jesus was not able to please everyone. Surely the Son of God should understand men more than any of us. He was there at creation; He knows the makeup of humans. But there lies my answer. Jesus knew men so well that He never tried to please them. He knew it was an impossible task. This is also why Jesus could not be swayed by their opinions. 

If JESUS can’t, YOU can’t. Stop trying to live up to and by the opinion of others. It is slowing you down or rushing you more than is necessary. It is wrecking your relationships. It is dividing your family. It is making your workplace a nightmare.

You need to free yourself from men! And please note, I am not talking about taking personal liberties that show no respect for other people’s achievements or godly counsel. I am talking about a personal liberation that enables you to become and do all that God has ordained and planned for you to benefit your generation.

Until you are truly free from the opinion of men, women, your father, your mother, ex-partners, bosses, work colleagues, your pastor, siblings, doctors, your marriage counselor, etc., you will never fully fulfill all that God has in store for humanity through you.

If the opinions are coming from you on issues that are not your business, then please turn a new leaf and face your own business. You also have a lot you need to deal with.

The greatest deliverance is freedom from the opinion of men. It is this unseen confinement and stronghold in which many great destinies have been held for some years, ravaging lives, families and nations. It is manufactured from the minds of men and sold to us from the expression of their lips (speech).

As I studied more about the life of Jesus, I concluded that no individual is truly free until he breaks free from the opinion of others and their selfish ambitions. (Not even the Son of God was exempt. Jesus only prevailed by Wisdom.) People have strategically placed themselves at every junction of our lives to have an opinion about what we do or do not do, and this is ok. 

Their opinion is their personal property. As long as you don’t buy into it, you will stay free. The problem is that we live by them, we sleep by them, we drive with them in view, we relate with them, we even speak of them, and it is making our lives a living hell.

Jesus’ ministry wouldn’t have amounted to anything if He was swayed and tossed by the opinion of men. Check this out:

  • Jesus healed the sick in a fashion not seen before, so the Pharisees said that He had healed by the chief of the devil, Beelzebub (Luke 11:14-15).
  • When Jesus healed on a sabbath day, they said He could not be of God because He wasn’t fulfilling the law (John 9:16; Luke 13:14).
  • If Jesus drank and ate, He was gluttonous and a drunkard (Luke 7:34).
  • If Jesus wasn’t eating or drinking, like John the Baptist, He would have been called a devil (Matthew 11:18).
  • When Jesus mingled with tax collectors and sinners to preach to them or eat with them, (Luke 15:1-2), He was an accredited sinner.

I encourage you today, don’t live your life in keeping with what other people say or will say. Instead, live your life based on God’s agenda for the season. You are too unequipped to please all men, but you are fully equipped to fulfill God’s assignment. Below are my:


1. Discover and understand what you are meant to be doing per season.

2. Seek after godly wisdom and apply yourself to it.

3. Speak the truth in love and without dissimulation.

4. Give attention and focus to what you are called to do.

5. Be firm where and when necessary.

6. Be willing to walk away, if necessary.

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