Don’t live your life SOLELY on the revelations of another man. It is a risk that is not worth taking, especially if you plan to live long and well.  It is the greatest burden you can carry going through life.

Two years ago, I went home to Africa to see my parents, and the car we took from Lagos to the city they lived in had a faulty light. We didn’t realise it until it was dark, so the driver decided the best way to continue was to use the light of the truck in front of us to navigate the way.

It was one of the most harrowing experiences of my life, to say the least. When the truck sped up, we had to speed up. When the truck slowed down, we had to slow down. When it hit a pothole…your guess is as good as mine. All because we didn’t have our light.

Over the years, I have been privileged to listen to many great people–in business, in the faith, in sports, in politics, etc. The things they have said continue to inspire, motivate and drive me, but I have one rule in my book: Search and find out what God says about His current or future plans for your life. Be more interested in finding out what God has to say than what men have to say.

Today, I am encouraging you to “Turn on your light.

Don’t live ONLY by the light of your pastor. Be inspired by it, but find your own light.

Don’t live ONLY by the light of your mother’s or father’s experiences and destroy your own home.

Don’t live ONLY by the light of your business mentor’s exploits and cripple your business.

Find out what “light” God has put in place for each phase of your life. Don’t be ruled or ruined by what people say. Run your life by what God’s Word says. I have found that most people speak from a place of weakness, selfishness or gain, and not necessarily from a standpoint of LOVE.

Spend time with the Word. God will tell you more than you may ever have bargained for about the present and your future. It is a great risk to live your life predominantly on truths revealed to another man through their experiences. #speakinlove

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