Have you ever heard the term a waste of space? Many people I see in positions of authority nowadays, low or high, are mainly occupying space and wasting it. (Including national, church and many organisational leaders.) They bring zero contribution to national growth, church congregation development or business progress.

I have seen so many people in their careers, in business and in the church who feel that the position they hold, the title they have or where they sit equates relevance. It is the biggest self-deception in human matters.

Your positional placement or title does not make you relevant to your world and a lack of position or title does not equate irrelevance. What makes a person significant is their contribution and personal value. Our genuine input into the lives of other people in their times of celebration or weakness is what makes us relevant and not where we are seated in the office or in church.

Are you considered valuable at home or do the children feel at peace when you are not at home? How valuable are you in your workplace? Do they miss you when you are not in church or in the business? I feel really blessed when I make a difference in people’s lives, not from a positional standpoint but from a place of love.  

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