My initial intention was to do this write up on prayer by piecemeal, but then I decided it would make more sense doing it as a whole.

I spent some time at the beginning of the year looking at prayers, and the things I found were very revealing. However, the bit I pondered about the most was why people pray and fast yet get nothing. And in my quest and search, the Lord gave me these lines, which I am sure will help someone:

1) If you are LACKING, maybe you are SLACKING in your ASKING. (John 16:24/John 15:16).

2) If you are ASKING and still LACKING, maybe you are not ASKING A-LIGHT (Word) & A-RIGHT. (1 John 5:14/ James 4:3).

3) If you are ASKING A-LIGHT & A-RIGHT and are still LACKING, then you are not ASKING in FAITH. (James 1:6/ Mark 11:24).

4) If you are ASKING in FAITH and still LACKING, maybe you are not ACTING in FAITH. (John 9:6-7/ Mark 10:47-52).5) If you are ACTING in faith, then RELAX because you will have it. Only engage in patience. (Hebrews 6:12/ Hebrews 10:26).

Your prayers in 2020 will receive speedy answers in Jesus’ name. No more hanging prayers. Testimonies will be the order of the day in your life all through 2020. You will have a good deal to thank God for all through this year

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