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From my calculations, the minimum number that should be added to any church each year is 365. The Lord added to His church daily (365 days), according to Acts 2:47. However, your spiritual business is not growing because of one key issue: Unity and Oneness. 

Your church business will not grow beyond the level of unity or oneness within its core. It is not for a lack of effort, but the divisiveness in the midst of the church thwarts the results that should be seen. 

Until all the working elements are in sync in a church or business, growth is just a pipe dream. The Holy Spirit engenders growth. Everywhere the Lord is, there is an explosion of favour which gives birth to increases in the number of clients and members of a church business. 

The church must be as in one accord and have all things in common. God cannot stay in a chaotic environment. The oil does not flow when brethren or workers are not united. 

The blessing (which includes growth) is only commanded where there is unity. Work on unifying all arms of your church operations.

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