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Afraid of the future? Revisit the Word of God. After COVID-19 struck, it became clear to me more than ever that the world has no solid plan. All that we have been told about incidence planning was thrown out of the window. The wisdom and strategic planning of the world leaders was tested to the max and it was thrown into chaos.  
What your future looks like is clearly stated in the Word. If you can look intently into the law of liberty, you will have no fear of tomorrow.

I do understand the fear people have of tomorrow. Things are not looking good all around the world. There is a lot of confusion in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Everywhere you look spells doom and gloom. It is all really concerning.

But if you will just pay attention to what was written concerning your future, you will be relaxed and feel confident about your tomorrow. I encourage you to make that discovery, as it is needed to help you when confusion rules the world. 

I have zero concern about my future. Only those who are far from the scriptures are afraid of the future. The revelation of the Word results in transformation of our thought patterns.

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