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Dominion used literally is all about control, mastery and supremacy. However, godly dominion is not about oppressing others, even when we have control.

Dominion is establishing your influence within a domain (business, career, ministry, etc.) with the intention of helping humanity. It is having authority to the point that you cannot be ignored, and your recommendations result in a positive change in the life of others.

Daniel was not recorded as oppressing anyone, but he was a dominant force in Babylon and was the special adviser to about five kings. Job was helping the helpless/widows/orphans yet was the most influential man in the East in his time. Not once was he mentioned as oppressing those he had rule over. Joseph held all-round dominion in Egypt and was able to save the whole nation from starvation. The list is endless. 

How are you using your influence in your sphere of influence? Is it to suppress others or to impact them

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