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Success is not faked. It has different parts that work together to make it happen. I have heard a lot of people in business circles say, “Keep faking it and you will soon make it.” Absolute rubbish! A lie from the pit of hell. There are lots of short-term successes we see all over town. They don’t last because it was started on a fake foundation instead of a firm one.

Success is initiated when we make the unique discovery of who we are and genuinely understand what we are meant to do. The more you fake it, the harder you have to work to cover the initial pretense. The sad ending of a pretender is that he is soon found out.

Settle down and work on yourself. Find out which traits will make things work for you. No genuinely successful person will hand over this wicked advice (“Fake it until you make it”) to an upcoming protege or generation. There is no success without discovery, grafting, divine intervention, mentoring and due diligence.

I read a few days ago that God is grieved when we veer away from the purpose for which we are created. You can make it, if only you don’t fake it. He created a unique you.

The good news is that we were “…designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness.” (Zig Ziglar). All we have to do is to find out in what area of life#success #discovery

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